Columbus Crew's Field is set to serve as the "Home of Soccer in Central Ohio" during the 2022 FIFA World Cup | Columbus crew (2023)

COLUMBUS–Columbus Crew announced today that the Pub at Field will be the place to meet up with friends and watch the electrifying action for free during the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. With 22 days of World Cup matches - including discounted beverages and globally themed dining throughout the morning and afternoon - the Pub at Field creates an unrivaled venue for football action as well as a fantastic place to work from home to capture the excitement during the World Cup.

Football fans supporting countries from all over the world are welcome. As part of more than three weeks of game-watching at the crew's home in Astor Park, Black & Gold unveiled "Pride & Glory | A Global Celebration of Football,” presented by Nationwide. "Pride & Glory" will be a celebration of global play during the World Cup. Pride & Glory will be highlighted by three major events: a community kickoff event celebrating youth football, Gold Friday and the World Cup Finals.

All details about “Pride & Glory | A Global Soccer Celebration,” presented by Nationwide, including a schedule of all World Cup games shown on Fieldhere.

Columbus Crew's Field is set to serve as the "Home of Soccer in Central Ohio" during the 2022 FIFA World Cup | Columbus crew (1)

Your World Cup Watch Party Venue

See you at Field, the perfect place to watch the World Cup!

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Throughout the duration of the tournament, Black & Gold will host a variety of community events in central Ohio, including a community kickoff event on November 20th and a soccer fundraiser to benefit the Columbus Recreation and Parks Department. Field, the crew's modern and dynamic home in Astor Park, will serve as the "Home of Soccer" for sports fans in Columbus. Starting with the opener on November 20th and ending with the finale on December 18th. With the conclusion of the Audi MLS Cup Playoffs, attention turns to World Cup action as Field's pub and community plaza open for shows 54 World Cup games where football fans of all nations can cheer for their teams. The 54 games include all tournament games, minus games played on Thanksgiving Day or starting at 5am ET.

With enthusiasm for the global game at its peak, football fans are encouraged to secure their 2023 Columbus Crew Season Ticket memberships now. Fans interested in purchasing season pass memberships for the 2023 MLS season are encouraged to,Fill out this form, call 614-447-2739 or emailseasontickets@columbuscrew.comto contact a season ticket member representative.

54 games are shown on Field, including all US men's national team games

Columbus Crew's Field is set to serve as the "Home of Soccer in Central Ohio" during the 2022 FIFA World Cup | Columbus crew (2)

During the World Cup, 54 games will be screened at the Pub at Field. The Crew Shop at Field will also be open during the World Cup and is your home for USMNT gear.

The Plaza at Field will be open on weekends and during the knockout stages for all United States games. ThatSternenbannerStart the group stage on the following dates:

  • Monday, Nov. 21: USA vs. Wales (2 p.m. ET)
  • Friday, Nov. 25: USA vs. England (2 p.m. ET)
  • Tuesday, Nov. 29: USA vs. Iran (2:00 p.m. ET)

Community Kickoff – 20. November

"Pride & Glory" starts on November 20th with a community kickoff. Beginning at 10:30 am ET, the crew will host a Family Resource Fair in the Community Plaza and Hall and join forces with their corporate partners to provide various health and wellness resources for the future generation.

Children from the club's community partners will be invited to play on the Field and the opening game of the World Cup between hosts Qatar and Ecuador will be screened in the pub and plaza.

Additionally, Crew 2 of the inaugural MLS NEXT Pro Cup champions will be on hand with the trophy for photo opportunities.

Gold Friday – November 25th

Fans in attendance will be treated to live music on the Plaza Stage, with food and beverages available for purchase in the pub and via various food trucks including Broke Johnny Food Truck, which specializes in breakfast fare. The crew celebrate Gold Friday as the United States take on England in their second game of the group stage. Soccer fans are invited to Field for a full day of World Cup action. The pub is expected to open at 8am ET for the Qatar v Senegal game, with the Plaza opening at 10am ahead of the Netherlands v Ecuador game, with the USA v England headliner starting at 2pm. ET.

After the USA-England game, fans in attendance will be treated to a special screening of the first episode ofGood competitors, a three-part docuseries from Prime Video about one of the most unique and intense competitions in international sports: the rivalry between the Mexico and America men's soccer teams.

Good competitorswill peel off the political, social and sporting layers of a rivalry that has become a must-see on TV over the past 30 years. Far more than just a sports documentary,Good competitorsilluminates the personal and professional arcs of stars from each nation, such as Landon Donovan (USA) and Rafa Márquez (Mexico), who became symbols of their country's cultures during their respective careers in the early and mid-2000s.Good competitorswill also explore the passionate, international struggle for on-field talent and fan support that has made the U.S.-Mexico border one of the most intriguing football borders in the world, with players - and families - from both countries at the heart of the recruitment battles between them two deeply connected nations.

Featured inGood competitorswill be the city of Columbus, a crucial part of the rivalry between the US and Mexico. Columbus has hosted 12 World Cup qualifiers since 2000, with the USA averaging a 9-1-2 record over that span. The Stars and Stripes hold a record of 10-1-3 in all competitions when they play in Columbus, dating back to a 2002 FIFA World Cup qualifier against Costa Rica (11 October 2000). 12 of those 14 competitions were FIFA World Cup qualifiers, including famously five consecutive games against Mexico in the Hexagonal Round, with the USA winning the first four 2-0 'Dos a Cero'.

More information onGood competitorscan be foundhere.

World Cup Final – December 18th

The month-long global celebration of football will culminate with the World Cup final on Sunday 18th December. The pub and plaza open at 8:30 a.m. ET, prior to kick-off at 10 a.m. ET.

Fans in attendance will have the opportunity to join other football fans in watching the world champions being crowned while enjoying live music in the Plaza and indulging in pub food and a variety of food trucks.

Central to Pride & Glory is supporting the Columbus community in our love for the global game. During the World Cup, the club will host a month-long fundraiser with the goal of raising 500 soccer balls for the Columbus Recreation and Parks Department, which will be distributed to local recreation centers. Donation containers can be found in Field's Pub and Crew Shop, with fans having the additional option of adding a football to their Crew Shop purchases. In addition, there will be a rolling 50/50 raffle throughout the World Cup, with proceeds \On our sleeves. \

Columbus Crew's Field is set to serve as the "Home of Soccer in Central Ohio" during the 2022 FIFA World Cup | Columbus crew (3)

"Club and Country" swag bag.

Enter and win hats, scarves and a blanket as you prepare for the 2022 FIFA World Cup!

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