Manchester United vs Crystal Palace Live Stream: How to Watch Premier League Football From Anywhere (2023)

After two impressive performances in the cups, it's back to the English Premier League and the challenge for Champions League qualifying for fourth-placed Manchester United as they host Crystal Palace at home on Saturday.

In an eventful week for the Red Devils, manager Erik ten Hag's side looked past Reading in the fourth round of the FA Cup before securing their place in the Carabao Cup final with a convincing win over Nottingham Forest on Wednesday. United also made a significant addition to their squad on transfer deadline day with the arrival of Austrian midfielder Marcel Sabitzer on loan from Bayern Munich.

With Christian Eriksen out until April with an ankle injury, Sabitzer could make his debut in this clash against a Crystal Palace side who currently sit in mid-table, 15 points behind United.

The second leg of that game at Selhurst Park last month showed that the Eagles should not be underestimated, with Michael Olise's superb last-second free-kick underscoring the south London club's willingness to fight to the end.

Below we present the bestLive TV Streaming Servicesto watch the game live anywhere in the world.

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Man United vs Crystal Palace: when and where?

Man United host Crystal Palace at Old TraffordSaturday February 4th. Kick-off is scheduled for 3 p.m. UK local time(10am ET, 7am PT in the US and at 2am AEST on Sunday February 5 in Australia).

How to watch Man United vs Crystal Palace game online from anywhere with a VPN

If you find that you can't watch the game locally, you may need another way to watch the game - this is where using a VPN can come in handy. A VPN is also the best way to prevent your ISP from throttling your speed on game day by encrypting your traffic, and it's also a great idea if you're traveling and hooked up to a Wi-Fi network feel connected and want to add an extra layer of privacy to your devices and logins.

With a VPN, you can virtually change your location on your phone, tablet or laptop to gain access to the game. Most VPNs, like oursEditor's Choice, ExpressVPN, make it really easy to do this.

Using a VPN to watch or stream sports is legal in any country where VPNs are legal, including the US, UK, and Canada, as long as you have a legitimate subscription to the service you are streaming. You should make sure your VPN is set up properly to avoid leaks: even if VPNs are legal, the streaming service can terminate the account of people it believes are bypassing blackout restrictions applied correctly.

Looking for other options? Be sure to check out some of the other great onesVPN offersis happening right now.

Manchester United vs Crystal Palace Live Stream: How to Watch Premier League Football From Anywhere (2)

Sarah Tew/CNET

ExpressVPN is our current top VPN choice for people who want a reliable and secure VPN, and it works on a wide range of devices. It's usually $13 a month and you canSign up for ExpressVPN and save 49% and get three months free access- the equivalent of $6.67 per month - if you get an annual subscription.

Note that ExpressVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Live stream of Man United vs Crystal Palace game in USA

This EPL game is streamingpeacock. You need a Peacock Premium or Premium Plus account to watch the game live.

NBC's Peacock streaming service offers access to numerous Premier League football matches throughout the season. You must be signed in with a Peacock Premium or Premium Plus account to stream games live. For a limited time, you can sign up for Peacock Premium at a 60% discount, bringing the monthly cost down to just $2 (or even less with an annual account).

Live stream of Man United vs Crystal Palace game in Canada

If you want to stream this match at Old Trafford live in Canada, you need to subscribe to FuboTV Canada. The service has exclusive rights to this Premier League season.

FuboTV is the go-to place for Canadians wanting to watch the Premier League this season with exclusive streaming rights to every game. It costs CA$25 per month, although you can save some money by paying quarterly or annually.

Live stream of Man United vs Crystal Palace game in Australia

Football fans Down Under can follow this EPL match on the Optus Sport streaming service, which is showing every single Premier League match this season live in Australia.

With exclusive rights to stream every EPL match this season, as well as matches from the German Bundesliga and Spain's La Liga live, streaming service Optus Sport is a particular draw for Australian football fans.

If you're an existing Optus Network customer, you can purchase Optus Sport at a discounted price, with rebates taking the price down to as much as AU$7 per month. If not, a standalone monthly subscription to the service starts at AU$25.

Can I live stream the Man United vs Crystal Palace game in the UK?

Due to thetraditional Saturday 3pm kick-off blackout, which at this time bans matches from being broadcast in the region to protect viewership across the English football pyramid.

It also means that if you're traveling around the UK for pleasure or work, you probably won't be able to watch the game like you normally would at home thanks to geo-blocking.

However, there is a way to get around this. By using aVPN, as explained above, you can set your location to a country where the game is being broadcast and move on from there.

Quick tips for streaming the Premier League with a VPN

  • With four variables at play – your ISP, browser, video streaming provider, and VPN – your experience and success streaming EPL games may vary.
  • If you don't see your desired location as the default option for ExpressVPN, try the "Browse by city or country" option.
  • If you're having trouble getting the game after turning on your VPN and setting it to the correct viewing area, there are two things you can try for a quick fix. First, log in to your streaming service subscription account and make sure the address registered to the account is an address in the correct viewing area. If not, you may need to change the physical address on file for your account. Second, some smart TVs -- like Roku -- don't have VPN apps that you can install directly on the device itself. Instead, you'll need to install the VPN on your router or whatever mobile hotspot you're using (like your phone) so that every device on its Wi-Fi network now appears in the correct viewing location.
  • All of the VPN providers we recommend have helpful instructions on their main page to quickly install the VPN on your router. In some cases, after installing a cable network sports app, Smart TV services will ask you to confirm a numeric code or click a link that will be sent to your email address associated with your Smart TV is deposited. Having a VPN on your router also helps here as both devices seem to be in the right place.
  • And remember that despite using a VPN, browsers can often reveal a location, so make sure you're using a privacy-friendly browser to log into their services. We usually recommendBrave.
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