Random Ramsdom: Raheem Morris is reportedly not getting a Broncos job (2023)

Denver AUS: What's next for Rams coach Raheem Morris?(Fannation)

"The NFL coaching carousel is closing fast, several coaching positions are being filled and thatDenver Broncoslooking to be the next team to fill their vacancy.

Among several candidatesLos Angeles Rams defense coordinator Raheem Morris interviewed for the opening after the Broncos fired Nathaniel Hackett.

But accNFL Network, Morris has been told by the Broncos that he is no longer in the running.

Along with Morris, former Stanford coach David Shaw, Broncos defense coordinator Ejiro Evero and former Detroit Lions coach Jim Caldwell were also informed that they would not be heading the organization.

But that wasn't the only job the Rams coach applied for; He also received an interview with theIndianapolis Colts.

With the Broncos officially out on Morris, it's left to the Rams and Colts as the most likely teams to have the talented coordinator on their sidelines.

Morris' defense unit was instrumental in the Rams bringing a Lombardi Trophy to California last February. The Rams allowed 21.9 points per game on their way to a 12-5 season that ended in victory over theCincinnati BengalimSuper Bowl.“


The best of our line of defence.

— Los Angeles Rams (@RamsNFL)29 January 2023

Rams play appeal duties; Sean McVay or Mike LaFleur?(Fannation)

"The Rams announced thatShot by Mike LaFleuras the new offensive coordinator.

LaFleur spent the last two seasons as the offensive coordinator for theNew Yorker Jets. Before his time with the Jets, he spent four seasons with thesan francisco 49ers' coaching staff.

Despite being relieved of his duties by the Jets, LaFleur's stay in New York demonstrated enough creativity and energy to earn a gig as offensive coordinator in Los Angeles.

The move comes two weeks after Sean McVay told members of the Rams organization that he would remain as head coach. The Super Bowl-winning coach was non-binding after a disappointing 5-12 record, his first losing season with the Rams.

Coming from a Kyle Shanahan background as both LaFleur and McVay have worked under Shanahan at various points in their careers,LaFleur brings many of the same elementswhich McVay is already exploiting. He adds a creative offensive spirit to the staff, but will he be the offensive player?

McVay has never given up on calling plays in the past, but something has to be given up after the Rams averaged just 18.1 points per game last season and placed them 27th at the bottom of the NFL.

The offensive coordinator position has been something of a revolving door, despite the Rams' overall success since McVay took the reins.

Matt LaFleur, [Mike] LaFleur's brother, was McVay's first offensive coordinator for Los Angeles during the 2017 season. He helped lead the Rams to the playoffs, which ended in an 11-5 record. Kevin O'Connell was the offensive coordinator for the 2020-2021 season and Liam Coen was the offensive coordinator last season."

https://t.co/umEqD9XGyqrecently picked each team's unsung hero for the 2022 season. His pick for the Rams? WR Van Jefferson, promoted late in the season after injuries to Cooper Kupp and Allen Robinson II:https://t.co/wGcldw4FxU

– Stu Jackson (@StuJRams)26 January 2023

Why Mike LaFleur is the right OC for the LA Rams in 2023(fan side)

“The LA Rams have a lot of coaching positions to fill. But the first and most important addition to the team's coaching staff are the coordinators. In 2020, the LA Rams had to hire three new coordinators for the team's coaching staff. In 2023, the LA Rams have now hired one, have a vacancy on the special teams coordinator, and could lose their defensive coordinator Raheem Morris to the wave of new NFL head coaches that's happening right now.

Morris is currently in contention for two head coaching positions: the Denver Broncos and the Indianapolis Colts.

He's not the only member of the Rams coaching staff exploring opportunities for advancement outside of the LA Rams. Both TE/RB coach Thomas Brown and QB coach/passing coordinator Zac Robinson are making the rounds as offensive coordinator candidates for a number of teams. Ah yes, offensive coordinator. Which brings me to the LA Rams vacancy.

no kingdom No problem

Many had linked the Frank Reich name to the position, but it was clear Reich had his sights set on head coaching roles for now. His search ended when theThe Carolina Panthers hired Frank Reich as their new head coach. With Reich now officially out of the running, the LA Rams had nothing to gain by keeping their role open and have now made their own decision about hiring the offensive coordinator.”

From beginners to vets, check out these career-first plays of the season!

— Los Angeles Rams (@RamsNFL)26 January 2023

Charger's OC favorite seems obvious after Rams hired Mike LaFleur(fan side)

“The LA Chargers could have thatOffensive coordinator's best openingin the sport, but they're far from the only team looking to fill that position. The LA Rams also had a vacant offensive coordinator role to fill and did so on Friday by staying in the same coaching tree.

TheRams hired Mike LaFleur as the team's offensive coordinatorafter LaFleur and the New York Jets decided to go their separate ways (with the Jets replacing him with Nathaniel Hackett). LaFleur is a product of Kyle Shanahan's coaching tree, which overlaps so much with Sean McVay. Matt LaFleur, Mike's brother, was previously the offensive coordinator for the Rams.

LaFleur was considered a potential candidate for the Chargers because of the coaching tree he came from. However, no interest was ever reported from the Bolts as Brandon Staley and co. are taking a different direction.

While LaFleur himself was not a known candidate for the Bolts, his tenure with the Rams brings some clarity to the Chargers' offensive coordinator search.

Zac Robinson has to be the runaway favorite for the Chargers offensive coordinator.

Zac Robinson was already considered onestrong favorite for the Chargers offensive coordinator joband the Rams hiring LaFleur could be the icing on the cake.

Robinson has all the makings of being the next example of the rising young offensive spirit and the Rams could very well have kept him from joining Staley's coaching staff. There was always a chance the Rams would rise from within, and if they did, Robinson might have stayed on to remain loyal to McVay.

With the Rams hiring an offensive coordinator instead and Robinson looking to get ahead, there should be absolutely no hurdles for the Chargers to hire him. If Staley wants Robinson to be the team's offensive coordinator, then Robinson will be the offensive coordinator. As simple as that."

NFL Playoffs: The Philadelphia Eagles head to the Super Bowl with a dominant win over the San Francisco 49ers(cnn.com)

The Philadelphia Eagles defeated the San Francisco 49ers 31-7 at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia on Sunday to advance to Super Bowl LVII.

The Eagles scored on their first possession and didn't look back in the 49ers' loss.

The 49ers were temporarily without rookie-starting quarterback Brock Purdy after he sustained a right elbow injury in the first quarter in a hit by Eagles linebacker Haason Reddick that forced a fumble. Josh Johnson, who is the fourth string quarterback for San Francisco, filled out Purdy through the third quarter before being ruled out of the game with a concussion.

Playing on the injured elbow, Purdy re-entered the game, but the 49ers' offense struggled to pick up points.

Meanwhile, Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts and the Philadelphia run game ran all over the 49ers' defense, raking in 148 rushing yards and scoring all four touchdowns on the ground. With his rushing touchdown in the fourth quarter, Hurts (15) passed Cameron Newton (14) for most rushing touchdowns in a single season by a QB in NFL history, including the playoffs.laut NFL Research.

The Eagles, advancing to the Super Bowl for the first time since winning the 2017-18 season, meet the winner of theAFC Championshipbetween the Cincinnati Bengals andKansas City chiefslate sunday.

Super Bowl LVII takes place on February 12th at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.

Cincinnati Bengals vs. Kansas City Chiefs

In the AFC, it's the Bengals and Chiefs for the second straight season. Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes will seek revenge after last year's crushing loss at Arrowhead Stadium. Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow will be looking to repeat last year's bottom line for his fourth straight win over Kansas City.

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